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I too bought 3 survival life slingshots with holsters and a pack of fifty pellets each, one for myself, 1 my son and 1 for my grandson. I also bought an extra pack of 50 pellets. I received three slingshots several weeks late with only one pack of pellets. I also ordered a knife and the crossbow. I figured maybe the pellets and leather holsters would come with the crossbow or knife shipment. After receiving the other items, once again several... Read more

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I ordered this, was in a but one, get one free deal. I received 1, small plastic magnifier. I replied, no reply. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!!! They are a real scam on the nwtwork!!! They do not tell the truth at all! I have asked them for something, with no reply, they are terrible to deal with! Save your time and your money! They are asking me for 100 words, No, No, No , No, No, No, No, No, No,Again, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No,, No,... Read more

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Do not buy from survival life. They misrepresent their products and refuse to fix any problems.

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I bought 3 of these because they seemed like a great idea. I wanted to give one to my son and one to a friend and also keep one for myself. However because there is no inherent failsafe to prevent the lighter fluid from becoming ignited I could quickly see that this is an accident waiting to happen. Regardless of how much convenience it may seem like to have a fire starter to hang on your belt it is not worth it to cause anyone harm. I would... Read more

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Three lighters arrived without any instructions as to how much lighter fluid to place in the body of the lighter. I filled it to capacity and carried the lighter around in my pocket during the first day. I had tested the lighter with a minimum of fluid in it and it worked fine. I added more fluid and when I tried to light the lighter later, the fluid spilled out and the resulting fireball burned my fingers with moderate burns. One customer... Read more

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This company is a joke! If you have an issue of any kind regarding orders, you will be dealing with drones (very polite and caring), but can do nothing to help you with your particular situation? I made a purchase on 3/19/16 (5 multi tools at $49.00 each) I've been calling them for three months with same results, apparently you are allowed only four items total? They never called or emailed to let me know, I talked on my10nth time to my 3rd... Read more

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I submitted a review but I'm submitting another one I went back and looked at the ad the email that was sent to buy the slingshot and it's a book it's a $27 value it's a hardcover book that I was to receive and a leather holster which I did not receive I did not receive the book I did get the Slingshot 2 late the more I look at it the more mad I am just unbelievable a look at the at the email and it shows that I am to receive a survival book... Read more

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I ordered the stealth sling shot it was to come with a leather case and a survival book as seen in the photos I waited to months and got nothing then after complaining about not receiving anything I got an email back saying I would receive it within 7 to 12 days so today I did receive the slingshot and it's not worth it it looks like something out of a dollar store I didn't get the leather case there is no book that comes with it I thought for... Read more

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Purchased some item from them, and somewhere on the webpage is apparently something that says I will receive "benefits" of some family survival thing, but I have to cancel within 14 days if I don't want it. Shame on me for not reading every gd bit of text when all I am doing is ordering a knife or something. Several days later, ordered a second item, and they pulled the same scam, now I'm being changed $19.95 TWICE A MONTH for the... Read more

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Biggest scam that has ever come along.... credit card fraud, mail fraud, conspiracy, collusion... theft by deception etc. etc. etc. I ordered 4separate items Dec. 2014, it is now March 5th of 2015and I have yet to receive any of the items....I have spoken with their so called customer service (Davi??) who is an inept as the company is crooked.... full of lies and bullwhip, told me 2 different times that items were shipped and I would receive... Read more

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